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Non-Compete Law

Non-Compete Law

Noncompete agreements for governmental contractors – what those big legal words actually mean!

Over the last nine years, we have represented hundreds (yes, I think I can say that fairly) of individuals that serve as a contractor to some governmental agency. No, they are no employees of DOD, or DHS, or the FDA, they are hired by third parties to staff projects, or work for these agencies. And,…[Read More]

Never look a severance in the mouth

I know, odd title. Years ago I worked in Loudoun County Virginia for a great General Practice Law Firm (Sevila, Saunders, Huddleston & White) and my old boss used to handle traffic, DUI cases. He would tell clients “never look a gift reckless” in the mouth.. obviously referring to the phrase never look a gift…[Read More]

Texas lawyer also preaching the gospel of what “right to work” really means

Just yesterday I wrote maybe my 20th article on what “right to work” really means, and today, I came across this great article written by a Dallas Texas employment attorney. Keith Crouse writes about critical mistakes employees make regarding their non-compete agreement. Glad to see that while the law of Virginia and Texas may be…[Read More]

Think before you leap

I love the New Year. I make resolutions, work out, eat better and do everything that makes me a whole person, for about three weeks. Then the pace of life kicks in and I lose my resolve again until next year. For many Virginia employees, the New Year seems like a good time to finally make the…[Read More]

Non-Competes aren’t fair no matter how much you make

There is a great article in the Seattle Times about a $15 an hour job forcing new employees to sign non-compete agreements. There has been a great deal of focus the last few weeks about low wage workers being asked to sign these non-competition agreements, because basic fairness just seems to go out the window…[Read More]

What you should know about LinkedIn when you change jobs

“Hey, congratulations on making partner,” someone says to me in the gym. I wonder how on earth they know that and then I realize they probably got an email from LinkedIn notifying them of my promotion (albeit 6 months after the fact because I didn’t rush to change the title). As most of us in the…[Read More]

What do Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe have in common?

How about greed and the desire to underpay skilled employees.  The answer to the question was revealed due to a class action lawsuit filed by 64,000 programmers and engineers who accused these companies of conspiring not to raid one another’s workforces in the interest of stifling competition and suppressing wages.  The lawsuit uncovered the fact these Silicon…[Read More]

Once again, the Court surprises me in a non-compete case

I recently learned of a case out of Eastern Virginia  – Depuy Synthes Sales Inc. v. Jones – where employees of one medical device manufacturer (Depuy), left to join a competing company (Sky Surgical) and were quickly sued by their former employers. In the lawsuit, it was alleged the employees violated their contracts, (non-compete and non-solicitation…[Read More]

“narrowly tailored to protect a legitimate business interest”

Question we are often asked: Is your non-compete reasonable and enforceable under Virginia law? Answer we most often give: Yes, if it is narrowly tailored to protect the legitimate business interest of the company… What does that really mean? This week, a Fairfax Virginia Judge held that it was not likely reasonable for a business…[Read More]