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Non-Compete Law

Non-Compete Law

LinkedIn and Non-Competition Agreements

Most business folks know about LinkedIn.  A social networking site designed for business and professional communities. The goal of the site is to allow members to establish and document networks of professionals they know and trust.  Many companies want their employees to have a presence on LinkedIn, which can lead to more business (read “sales and income”) to the employer….[Read More]

Noncompete agreements for governmental contractors – what those big legal words actually mean!

Over the last nine years, we have represented hundreds (yes, I think I can say that fairly) of individuals that serve as a contractor to some governmental agency. No, they are no employees of DOD, or DHS, or the FDA, they are hired by third parties to staff projects, or work for these agencies. And,…[Read More]

Liquidated Damages Provisions – are they valid?

  What is a liquidated damages provision, and why should you care? Just this morning I was reviewing a Release / Non-Compete Agreement that contained language like the following: The parties agree to liquidated damages in the amount of $10,000. What does that really mean? 1. Depends on state law Well to begin, what it…[Read More]

I agree – a win for Virginia employers, which will lead to higher legal fees for all

I came across a well written article and Virginia law update this morning on a recent Virginia Supreme Court decision that has had a direct impact how attorneys handle non-compete agreements in Virginia courts. In the past, if an employee wanted the court to decide if his or her employment agreement was valid and binding, the Court…[Read More]

You don’t have a right to work in a right to work state

When you hear you work and live in a “right to work” state, please know, it has nothing to do with your non-competition agreement. In fact, all the federal right to work law says is that you cannot be forced to join a union. There you have it. If you live in a ‘Right to…[Read More]

What you should know about LinkedIn when you change jobs

“Hey, congratulations on making partner,” someone says to me in the gym. I wonder how on earth they know that and then I realize they probably got an email from LinkedIn notifying them of my promotion (albeit 6 months after the fact because I didn’t rush to change the title). As most of us in the…[Read More]

Lightbulb jokes and non-competes

Do you remember all the great light bulb jokes of the late 1990’s? You could directly insult any kind of person in just a few sentences – blondes, engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc. The beauty of these terrible jokes was that the hyperbole was often based on some element of truth (** BUT FOR BLOND JOKES which are…[Read More]

Why playing dress up with my daughter makes me think of Virginia law on non-competes

This morning my precious child pranced around our kitchen in a tutu, with a fairy wand. She tried to grant our cat Earl three wishes by tapping his head with the wand. I think he wished for her to leave as the plastic star fell upon his head rather aggressively. Sadly, she didn’t quite sense his wishes involved personal…[Read More]

The law, it is a changing

Take a moment to access this Bob Dylan Cover of The Times they are a changing. Press Play. Now, with that well known folk sound in the background I will make my brief but important point about Virginia Non-Compete law or rather Virginia Business Tort law: The law, it is a changing.   A few weeks ago…[Read More]

The other Commonwealth gets it right!

I just read a great article on a movement in Massachusetts where Governor Patrick is recommending the state outlaw (I just love using that word though it is not correctly used here) non-competition agreements in the Commonwealth. According to the author, Attorney Michael Bunis, Governor Patrick proposed a legislative package that would eliminate non-compete agreements, on…[Read More]