Hospital and Doctor Fight over Non-Compete: The Patients Lose

A recent newspaper article from West Virginia reported on a case where a hospital sued a doctor, alleging he broke his non-compete agreement with the hospital. The lawsuit alleges the doctor became a staff physician at Wheeling Hospital on April 1, 2010, and continued until March of this year, when he informed supervisors of his intent to…[Read More]

Virginia Business Litigation Podcast 2 – When an employee breaches her fiduciary duty of loyalty under Virginia law

Virginia Employees: Did you know you owe your employer a duty of loyalty? Even independent contractors owe such a duty while employed or in service of a company.  Want to learn how to transition from one job, to another without breaching your duty of loyalty? Enjoy Virginia Business Litigation Podcast 2 – 10 minutes may…[Read More]

Bad Behavior gets Virginia Employees sued!

I am a student of human nature. I like to understand what motivates people, and what makes them tick.  I have practiced law for over ten years in various different specialties,  most recently non-compete and business tort litigation on behalf of employees.  And in many of the cases where a Virginia employee is sued, I see…[Read More]

Do Not Sign It!

I hate to over simplify the issue but if you are asked to sign a non-compete or non-solicitation contract as a part of a new job, don’t.  More precisely, do not sign a non-compete or non-solicitation contract without reviewing the contract, and its potential impact on your future and your ability to earn a living,…[Read More]

Does your employer think you are a risk or threat when you leave? Umm, yes.

In many ways, employment litigation is like family law (now, keep reading – I have a point!).  When things end badly, people don’t trust each-other. They assume one party intends to cause harm and that no one is telling the whole truth.  When a good employee leaves to work for a competitor, or to start…[Read More]

I told you so…

I will admit, saying the following words to someone is rarely fruitful: “I told you so.” But, saying them to yourself or to the folks who read your blog can be a very satisfying enterprise. I tell opposing counsel in non-compete cases probably every year, that yes my client breached his contract, but no I…[Read More]